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I made a Twitter bot: Space Overlord

Writing Seedship got me interested in procedurally generated text, and the other day I stumbled on Tracery, which is a simple procedural text generation tool. It powers Cheap Bots Done Quick, which lets you create your own Twitter bots using … Continue reading

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WIP: Freak Show comic

I don’t normally share information about works in progress, but this is an exception. I’m delighted to announce that I’m in the early stages of working on a comic, in collaboration with artist Paolo Puggioni. I’ve been interested in working … Continue reading

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New Year D&D Adventures

Happy New Year! I thought I’d share with you a couple of things I wrote towards the end of last year: adventures! They’re adventures for 5th-edition Dungeons & Dragons, which I’ve self-published through the Dungeon Master’s Guild. This is a … Continue reading

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Award eligibility post

It has become a tradition among genre authors to write a post at the start of each year listing their works from the previous year that are eligible for awards. Some people see these as grabs for attention, but I think mostly … Continue reading

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Belt Three: Release day links

Belt Three was published yesterday to riotous acclaim. Well, perhaps not riotous, but for a while it was #2 in Hot New Releases: Science Fiction: Space Opera on Amazon UK: I know I shouldn’t become obsessed with Amazon rankings or read too … Continue reading

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Belt Three: Release Day

Today is the day! The ebook of Belt Three is out now! Space pirates, clones, and alien robots in the ruins of a shattered solar system. You can buy it at these places: Publisher’s site (UK) Amazon (UK) Amazon (US) Amazon (Canada) … Continue reading

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Narrative training wheels

For me – and I’m guessing this might be true for other writers too – the process of redrafting an sf story is in part one of removing narrative training wheels. By narrative training wheels I mean story elements that the story is better off … Continue reading

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