WIP: Seedship game, and Patreon

I said last time that I don’t usually share my works-in-progress, but maybe that’s a habit I’m changing, because here I am doing it again:

I’m working on a new game, called Seedship. It’s a text-based game in which the player controls an AI colony ship searching for the best planet on which to found a new human colony.


I’m writing Seedship in Twine, a tool for creating non-linear hypertext stories (stories that you navigate by clicking links). Seedship is based on randomly-generated content and intended to be replayable. You’re moving from planet to planet until you find a good one to found a colony on, but every time you move on you risk the ship being damaged, so it’s a game about judging how far to push your luck: do you settle on this less-than-perfect planet, or move on and risk serious damage?


I’m hoping to release Seedship around the end of February or early March.

I’m also planning for Seedship to the the first of many Twine games I create. I think Twine is a good medium for me: I enjoy the close mix of coding and writing, and I can create a game on my own despite my lack of artistic skills. I’d like to release a game a month, although one every 2-3 months is probably more realistic.


Which brings me to my second announcement: I’ve set up a Patreon to support my development of Twine games like Seedship. I’m going to release the games for free, but if you want to encourage me by throwing some money my way for each one I release, you should sign up as a patron. Patrons also get access to exclusive developer blogs and (at higher levels) get their name in the credits and get to play preview versions of the games.

I’ve set up the Patreon to be per game rather than per month, so you’ll only get charged when I release a game. This means that if I need to spend less time on Twine games some months in order to focus on other projects, I can do so without feeling like I’m robbing my patrons. I do intend to release Twine games on a fairly regular basis, though.

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3 Responses to WIP: Seedship game, and Patreon

  1. Oliver says:

    Hello John,
    first thank you for creating Seedship!
    My name is Oliver Weidemann.
    I would like to know if you are eager to put more effords into the idea/game of Seedship.
    P.S.: I found a small typo when you have to decide if you led the construction or the landing gear get astray: When you choose “landing” only the text say the AI let the “construction” gear detoriate.

    • John Ayliff says:

      Hi Oliver! I’m glad you like it!
      I’m going to keep on fixing any bugs, but apart from that I’m considering Seedship to be finished and am moving on to the next project.

      • Oliver says:

        Nice to read a reply so soon.
        I was a bit sorry to read that you consider seedship to be finished. I know from the gamescon 2016 on which I had some discussions with developers who had similar ideas but for far more complex designs and mostly for core gamers on PC and not for casual gamers. Maybe if you change your mind and develop an interest on how to expand your great game further you may contact me via Email.
        Many thanks

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