WIP: Freak Show comic

I don’t normally share information about works in progress, but this is an exception. I’m delighted to announce that I’m in the early stages of working on a comic, in collaboration with artist Paolo Puggioni.

I’ve been interested in working on a comic for years. When I was working on RuneScape it occurred to me that the kind of writing I was doing was kind of similar to comics–short, discrete blocks of text accompanied by mostly static visual images, through which the player proceeded at their own pace–and reading comics had helped me with the writing I was doing there.

So when Paolo contacted me with the proposal that we create a comic together, I was pretty excited. Paolo and I had worked together when he was a concept artist at Jagex, and I was always very impressed with his work (see for example his art for the abbey from One Piercing Note).

We both wanted to work on a science fiction comic, and after bouncing a few ideas around we came up with a setting based on conflict between genetically/cybernetically enhanced transhumans and ‘pure’ humans. On planets where ‘pure’ humans dominate, transhumans are kept in orbital reservations and forced to perform in ‘Freak Shows’ where the public can gawp at their modifications.

Here are some of Paolo’s concepts for our main character, Zaquida. She has an unusual modification that lets her interface with computers using nanotech tendrils that come out of her forehead.

Zaquida  Character Sheet 1

This project is still in its early stages: I’ve written a script for one issue, and Paolo is concepting the characters and setting before he starts working on the pages. Keep an eye on his blog for concept art as it appears.

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