New Year D&D Adventures

dmsguildproductlogolargeHappy New Year!

I thought I’d share with you a couple of things I wrote towards the end of last year: adventures! They’re adventures for 5th-edition Dungeons & Dragons, which I’ve self-published through the Dungeon Master’s Guild. This is a new experiment for me (both writing D&D materials for publication, and self-publishing in any form), but I’m finding I’m enjoying it a lot. I’ve been writing adventures in note form for my own groups for years, and I found it an interesting challenge to write them up in a way that a different GM could take them and run them.

I’ve written two adventures so far:

The Temple of Adhara is a short dungeon-crawl set in a ruined temple of a god of magic, which an evil wizard has used as a laboratory. This was my first attempt at writing a publishable adventure, so it’s fairly short as I was just testing the water.

Tormentor of the Sleeping City is a much larger adventure, intended to span four game sessions, and including several new monsters and even a new playable race. It starts when the land is plagued by psychic nightmares, setting the player characters off on a quest to discover their source and stop them.

I have some ideas for other adventures, so I might publish some more later if I can make time between my other projects.

Whether you play D&D or not–happy adventuring!

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