The girl in Hal Jordan’s Bed

Ever since I posted my thoughts about the movie, a surprising amount of this site’s traffic has come from people searching for variations on one question: “Who is the girl in Hal Jordan’s bed in the Green Lantern movie?”

Well, I believe in trying to give the readers what they want, so: as far as I can tell (from IMDB), the character is listed simply as ‘Beautiful Girl’ and is played by Marcela Duarte Fonseca, who has no other film credits. I could be wrong, though: this is a mainstream movie aimed at teenage boys, so basically any of the female characters could be described as ‘Beautiful Girl’.

The film tells us very little about Beautiful Girl. Presumably Hal Jordan picked her up in a bar the night before the first scene, they had a one-night stand, and neither of them expects to see the other again. (The dialogue in that scene definitely implies that it’s the first time she’s been in his apartment.) Her presence in the scene is just to establish that he’s the kind of guy who picks up girls; having served this purpose, the character is forgotten about. Presumably Beautiful Girl goes back to her mundane, non-superheroic life, maybe occasionally noticing that the Green Lantern she sees on the news looks kind of like that guy she slept with one time.

But that’s boring. With so little to go on, we can invent whatever story for her we like. Here are some ideas:

  • She’s a sleeper agent (yes, yes, pun intended) sent by the Guardians of Oa to observe potential Green Lanterns on Earth. She’s not actually a person but a tiny robot drone that projects a hard-light construct around itself, similar to the Green Lantern rings but able to do other colours as well. She keeps close to Hal by taking on new appearances that Hal will be attracted to, then letting him chat her up and take her home–in fact, almost every one of Hal’s sexual conquests have been this same robot. The reason Hal is fixated on Carol Ferris is that on some subconscious level he knows that she’s the only real woman to have ever been slightly interested in him. Because Hal is a jerk.
  • She’s the real intended recipient of the Green Lantern ring, but a quirk of human physiology means that the rings can get confused between humans who have been in close physical contact recently. She’s genuinely brave, selfless, and kind-hearted, possesses huge reserves of willpower as well as being of peak physical fitness, and is also an accomplished sculptor with an amazing ability to imagine three-dimensional shapes. In some parallel universe, she led the Green Lantern Corps to usher in a new age of peace and justice for the universe. And she wouldn’t have been such a jerk.
  • She’s a naive, romantic girl who’s had a crush on Hal Jordan for months, and has eventually got him to notice her. From his point of view, she’s just another of his conquests, but from hers it was a beautiful romance and Hal was clearly The One. But all Hal is interested in is the chase, so once he’s bedded her he forgets about her completely. She tries phoning him but he stops returning her calls, partly because he’s busy being a superhero, but mostly because he’s a jerk.

There are infinite other possibilities. Maybe she’s an alien construct as in the first idea, but rather than working for the Guardians, she works for an evil race for some sinister purpose. Maybe she will return to take part in a love triangle involving her and Carol Ferris. Maybe she’s quite coincidentally destined to be another superhero, and someday they’ll team up to fight robot zombies from the moon, during which Hal will wonder why she seems familiar but not be able to place her.

She’s a blank slate. Who do you want her to be?

P.S. to everyone who got to this page by searching for “slutty fantasy armour”: no.

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2 Responses to The girl in Hal Jordan’s Bed

  1. Natalia Carvalho says:

    I would love to see her coming back as a super hero and make Hal fall in love for the misterious hero she is. And by doing that, he’ll make Carol very Jealous..

  2. IMO's says:

    and the ring chooses a man who pick up girls and have a 1 night stand? is that the best humanity can offer or the best the ring can find ? Hope is lost to humanity in respect to women.

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